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Why Indirect LED Lighting?

Why choose indirect lighting over direct lighting?

Why choose indirect lighting over direct lighting to illuminate indoor tennis, pickleball, gyms, volleyball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, fieldhouses, pools and many other indoor sports?


First, you must have a clean white ceiling (16’ to 100’ tall) to use indirect led lighting efficiently reflecting the light back down to the floor. If the ceiling is not white you can consider painting or installing a reflective insulation system. See our affiliated company for a quote on insulating your ceiling.

Indirect LED lighting is more expensive than direct but the benefits far outweigh the cost.


Indirect LED lighting reflected off the ceiling provides perfectly even light throughout the facility. The light is being reflected off a large surface and has the characteristics of being evenly distributed over the entire playing surface. Whereas direct light is focused straight down and between fixtures, leaving dark areas on the playing surface.

Indirect LED lighting is a non-glare light making it the ultimate type of lighting for the player in any of these sports. Because the light will not interfere with the players ability to see the ball. In all the above sports, direct light can and does blind player’s when they look up towards the ceiling. They often lose the ball in the glare of the light. With indirect lighting, when looking up you do not see the glare from the light and looking down you do not see the glare on the floor or on the water.

Direct light is very distracting when you look up, you can lose the ball in the light. When you look down the glare is on the floor and distracting. For pools the glare from direct lights is dangerous as it reflects off the water surface and can prevent you from seeing the bottom of the pool.

Indirect LED lighting is aesthetically pleasing to players and spectators. Visibility is improved by having an evenly lit facility and eliminating glare. Safety is increased as glare causes accidents.  Most players would prefer indirect lighting over direct.


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BEST Lights is continually developing new Direct and Indirect LED light fixtures that can be looked at without the Glow-Bomb effect using the latest LED lighting technology.

Our Patented Super Reflector Technology achieve the highest light levels per watt using the Triangular and SuperLume LED’s. We replace 1000 watt HID luminaries with 452 or 522 Watt for a 55 to 70% energy savings with no color shifting, noise or lamp depreciation. Our lower wattage models are superior to other LED products utilizing a Pure Aluminum Heatsink that keep the LED’s running cooler which in-turn produces more light and last longer.

“Everyone at BEST Lights is committed to making our lights more energy efficient and durable. See why our products produce more light when compared to other lights.”


  • Commercial lights
  • Industrial lights
  • Factory lights
  • Indoor tennis court lights
  • Indoor soccer field lights
  • Indoor football lights
  • Indoor baseball field lights
  • Indoor volleyball court lights
  • Indoor basketball lights
  • Air structure lighting and air dome lights
  • Metal Frame Fabric Structures
  • Fitness center lights
  • Indoor pool lights
  • Indoor gym lights


The dictionary defines permeate as to enter something and spread throughout it, so that every part or aspect of it is affected. BEST Lights patented designs illuminate the facility without the Glow Bomb effect. Our Indirect light is reflected at specific angles toward the ceiling reflecting it back down to the floor, permeating every area in a building, even under and inside objects. Our direct lighting eliminates Glare with our lenses. The size of the fixture, angle of reflection, reflector finishes and fixture placement all effect light levels. BEST LIGHTS has perfected all these aspects of indirect and direct lighting.

The long term benefits of our indirect or direct lighting achieve working and playing environment that produces better moral. Studies show that a 15% increase in production is very common when clean facilities are lit indirectly.


  • Light levels are even and consistent throughout the facility.
  • Reduction of glare or shadows and eliminating noise from ballast.
  • Employees see work better with less eye strain.
  • Best Lights create an awesome work and play environment.


Replaced Fluorescent with LED
Arena Sports

“Best Lights products were unique and easily adaptable to our facility, saving us a lot of money. Best Lights made the process easy from learning about our options, ordering the product, and helping us through the energy rebate process with our power company. We will be using Best Lights again for future projects.”
Bryan Graff Arena Sports | Issaquah Fitness

Butler University
Butler University

Best Lights Triangular LED-XL-Indirect Sport Cable Mount Doubled our light levels, eliminated the color problems and cut our electric bill by more than half. The University is extremely pleased with the new lighting.

Huron Valley Tennis

Best Lights lived up to its name. The product is amazing and the staff was responsive, knowledgeable, and professional.
They suggested cost savings solutions as well as methods to maximize lighting. Their installation team got a 3 night project done in 2 nights. We have never had a bad experience with Best!
Mike McClure – Huron Valley Tennis Club

Jim Henderson
Chippewa Club -Ypsilanti, MI

Best Lights financed our project, handled all the utility rebate paperwork, installed 72 lights in three nights, doubled our light levels, eliminating the color problems and cut our electric bill by more than half. Our members are extremely pleased with the new lighting. The best investment we ever made!

William C. Kruse, Owner
Mill Basin Health and Racquet Club, Inc

“After 7 years of extensive research and a successful simple installation in summer of 2014, the conclusion is crystal clear; Best Lights are by far the most perfect trifecta Tennis and Fitness Lighting solution/”

Anthony Dececco
Tennis Addiction

“Everyone loves the fact we have more light which makes the ball pop and we are SAVING 37% on our electric bill!”

Don Arndt
The Sports Club of West Bloomfield

The new Best Light T9-630 watt system REDUCED our power bill by 1/3, DOUBLED THE LIGHTING and looks way nicer than the old lights.

Dean Snyder
Detroit Tennis & Squash – Farmington, MI

“It looks as though the new lights are meeting their expectations (costwise). Our energy bill is DOWN 36.8% from last year for the same period. That’s a savings of just over $1,000 for the month. Having quality lighting for our members confirms that it was a good move!”