(800) KIL-A-WATT (800) 545-2928 or (248) 588-4980

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Brilliant Energy Saving Technology

(800) KIL-A-WATT (800) 545-2928 or (248) 588-4980

For more information or assistance in lighting design, call us at (800) 545-2928 or (248) 588-4980.

Brilliant Energy Saving Technology

(800) KIL-A-WATT (800) 545-2928 or (248) 588-4980

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For all of your lighting needs, commercial, industrial, tennis and sport facilities, contact BEST Lights, Inc.. The latest lamp, ballast, LED boards and driver technology along with our patented reflector designs achieve higher light levels with fewer fixtures saving our clients millions of dollars in energy costs.

Best Lights, Inc. Manufactures The Best Energy Saving Sports Lighting Fixtures

Best Lights Indirect MH-XL-HPP  and Net Cage, the Perfect Solution The University of Toledo.

Best Lights are the MOST DURABLE in the Industry,

and Made In America

Michigan Saves Contractor

Detroit Edison Trade Ally

Consumers Energy Trade Ally

Approved by all utilities.

The Toughest Fluorescent Fixtures in the World Produce MORE LIGHT!
Indirect Lights Produce
90 Foot-candles Everywhere on the Field at Spire Institute!