(800) KIL-A-WATT (800) 545-2928 or (248) 588-4980

Brilliant Energy Saving Technology

(800) KIL-A-WATT (800) 545-2928 or (248) 588-4980

Brilliant Energy Saving Technology

(800) KIL-A-WATT (800) 545-2928 or (248) 588-4980

  Indoor volleyball court lights

  Indoor basketball lights
  Air structure lighting and air dome lights

  Metal Frame Fabric Structures
  Fitness center lights

  Indoor pool lights

  Indoor gym lights


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New Technology

        BEST Lights is continually developing new light fixtures that can be looked at with out the Glow-Bomb effect using the latest lighting technology.

        Our Patented Super Reflector Technology achieve the highest light levels using the New T9 Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide lamps. Replacing 1000 watt HID luminaire with T9-630 Watt for a 37% energy savings or 400 watt HID with T9-210 watt for a 50% energy savings, both with more light. This light source is reflected with precision achieving a 93.4% Luminaire Efficacy Rating (LER) which allows the luminaire to illuminate the facility with pinpoint accuracy. The ballast are electronic, silent and dimmable down to 50% with controls upon request.
        T9 CDM Lamps are 115 lumens per watt maintained, last 30,000 hours and do not lose light like the HID lamps. When turned on are full bright in 2 minutes. CRI 90+ at 4200 Kelvin for true color. When dimmed down to 50% are full bright in 10 seconds. Silent Electronic ballast last 60,000 hours. Changing our lamps and ballast at end of life is simple and easy for continued use of the luminaire.
        We have been granted numerous patents on many of our luminaire designs and other lighting products.
        “Everyone at BEST Lights is committed to making our luminaires more energy efficient and durable. This is why our reflectors produce up to 40% more light
using the same lamp source when compared to other luminaires.”

We Manufacture Energy Saving Lights For:
  Commercial Lights

  Industrial Lights

  Factory Lights

  Indoor tennis court lights

  Indoor soccer field lights
  Indoor football lights

•  Indoor baseball field lights