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Tennis LED-XL Direct/Indirect Series

LED Lighting
  Total wattage used 630 watts
  Instant on

•  Hot Re-strike - Instant
  Dimmable down to 90%
  LED Drivers 60,000 hour life
  Light loss at end of  life 10%
  Color Rendering Index 75 - 85+
  Voltage 120 to 277
  Silent Drivers

SuperLume LED Dual Direct

Triangular LED-XL Direct/Indirect Series

SuperLume LED Direct-Prismatic Lighting
Single, Dual SuperLume LED Cable, LEDs for Air Dome Lighting
SuperLume Linear LED Lighting
SuperLume LED Direct Lighting


SuperLume Direct-Indirect Series LED Universal Mount, 130 Lumens Per Watt, 10 Year Warranty Available
Dual SuperLume LED Pendent Lighting

Cut your Lighting bill in HALF!


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The Triangular LED-XL-Indirect Series is instant on, fully dimmable with controls. Utilizing 72 white multi-chip LED’s with clear hemispherical integral lens aimed at the horizon.

•    A 24” aluminum ribbed outer housing with high temperature polyester powder coat contains our Patented Super Reflector Technology with a Luminaire Efficacy Rating (LER) 100%. LM/W 100. Absolute Lumens 64,536.
•    The luminaire comes pre-wired and assembled, the drivers and LEDs are easily accessible by removing the bottom enclosure.
    Mounting options: Pendent mount, Cable mount or Unistrut mount.
    Standard Voltage 120-277 Volt.
    Available with motion sensors and dimming for additional energy savings.
    For more light than a 1000 watt HID use the 630 Watt Triangular LED-XL-Indirect luminaire.

Brilliant Energy Saving Technology

(800) KIL-A-WATT (800) 545-2928 or (248) 588-4980

Brilliant Energy Saving Technology

(800) KIL-A-WATT (800) 545-2928 or (248) 588-4980

Sports SuperLume LED’s Direct/Indirect Series

Single, Dual SuperLume LED Cable, LEDs for Air Dome Lighting
10 Year
Warranty Available

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Pendent, Cable, Unistrut and Pole Mounts With Patented Super Reflector Technology

TRI-LED-XL-IS Series  (Patented)
The Triangular LED-XL-Indirect Series comes with Patented Super Reflector Technology which magnifies the light and produces an even light distribution in your work and play area. It is perfect for lighting all types of Indoor Tennis, Sports Facilities, Clean Manufacturing Areas, and Air Structures all with white ceilings 16’ - 100’ high.