Indoor Basketball Lighting

with T9 CDM Master Color Elite or

T5 and T8 Fluorescent Fixtures

37% to 55% Energy Savings!

T9-210/315/630 Watt


Brilliant Energy Saving Technology

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  Badminton Lighting

  Field House Lighting

•  Fitness Center Lighting

•  Indoor Track Lighting

•  Vapor Proof Pool Lighting

New T9s with Patented Super Reflector Technology produce more light per watt than any other light source. Indoor basketball, volleyball, and gym lighting are the most abused. Best Lights makes the most durable Direct and Indirect light fixtures that can take the hit from a basketball, volleyball, soccer ball, dodge ball, football, or tennis ball played in gymnasiums. The T9 Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide (CDM) lamp is not like old Metal Halide.  At 115 lumens per watt the lamps last 30,000 hours with minimal light loss.  Crisp, white light at 4200 Kelvin with no color shifting has a (CRI) Color Rendering Index of 90+ which makes all the colors pop and seeing the ball easier. The ballast are electronic, silent and have a dimmable option down to 50% light allowing light to illuminate adjacent courts at 50% power. Perfect for lighting all types of indoor sport facilities in conventional buildings or air domes with ceiling 15 to 100 feet high.

  Indoor Basketball Lighting

  Volleyball Lighting

•  Gym Lighting

•  Soccer Lighting

•  Lacrosse Lighting

•  Gymnastic Lighting

T-5 Fluorescent Lighting

Brilliant Energy Saving Technology

(800) KIL-A-WATT (800) 545-2928 or (248) 588-4980

Best Lights Toughest Fluorescent Fixtures with

Super Reflector Technology on the Market!

T5 and T8 Fluorescents Are Tough!

Best lights T5 and T8 Fluorescent fixtures are the most durable in the industry. Made from steel or aluminum, they come with a wire guard or an acrylic lens. For added protection shatterproof lamps are available.


Best Lights – Fluorescent

Volleyball – Indirect

U of M Gym –  Indirect

(800) KIL-A-WATT (800) 545-2928 or (248) 588-4980

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T-8 Fluorescent Lighting