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Indoor Tennis Lights

BEST Lights has several lighting options for indoor tennis facilities. Tennis is an intense sport that requires a high level of concentration and the highest level of visibility. BEST Lights, Inc. has patented several fixtures to create this optimal environment producing more light with less wattage than any other manufacturer.
The new Metal Halide MH-XL-HPP with 5,000 Kelvin super white light produces more light while reducing electrical consumption than any fluorescent system.
In 1996, Bret Hobden, Managing Director of Midland Indoor Tennis called on BEST Lights to see if they could save any money on the electric bill. After the meeting he was skeptical about their proposal. The tennis facility had 288-1000 watt Unistrut light fixtures and ballast over 16 courts. BEST Lights proposed to install 189 -1000 watt MH-ISU fixtures, guaranteeing a 10% increase in light levels. Bret agreed to do a test court at no cost to him.
“If BEST Lights performs we would install all the lights.” The rest is ten years of energy conservation history. Achieving more light with fewer fixtures. It’s all in the reflector of the MH-ISU. “By using BEST Lights fixtures we eliminated 99 – 1000 watt light fixtures and ballasts, increased our light levels 15% and saved 35% on our electric bill.”
Bret Hobden

  • 35% reduction in electricity consumption.
  • Removed 99 – 1000 watt fixtures.
  • Increase in light levels from 60 to 70 foot-candles using existing lamps.
  • 99 – Fewer lamps and ballasts to maintain.
  • Ten years of service the MH-ISU is still performing to the original spec.
  • Electrical savings of over $ 350,000.00 after payback on new system.
  • Call us for recommended Indoor Tennis light levels in foot-candles (800) 545-2928.

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