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Indoor Basketball & Gymnasium Lights

We let our Basketball Gym Lighting speak for itself.

The oldest intramural basketball facility in the country is located on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. The university contracted for a new lighting system to be installed over the four courts in the facility with grant monies awarded based on the demonstrated energy efficiency of the new light fixtures from BEST Lights.The four courts were previously lit with 100-400 watt direct fixtures. Not only was energy consumption an issue but the direct light fixtures also produced a glare that was bothersome to the players. The University decided on our proposed lighting system consisting of 32-1,000 watt Pulse Start MH-ISP Indirect Sports Fixtures featuring a patented reflector design that provides up to 35% more light than any other indirect fixture.


  • Building Size 110’ W x 250’ L x 44’ H
  • 32-1,000 watt BEST Light Indirect Sport fixtures replaced 100- 400 watt direct light fixtures for 28% savings in energy consumption.
  • Light levels increased to 55 foot-candles from 50 foot-candles– a 9% improvement.
  • Installation cost was $13,800 less than installing 100-400 watt fixtures.

The new lighting system generated significant savings for the University of Michigan. With fewer fixtures required there was a direct savings of $13,800 in installation costs. Energy consumption was slashed by 28%; from 1.75 to 1.25 watts per sq. foot. The grant money ended up being more than enough to bring new light into the old building.

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