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The dictionary defines permeate as to enter something and spread throughout it, so that every part or aspect of it is affected.
BEST Lights patented designs direct light at specific angles toward the ceiling reflecting it back down to the floor, permeating every area in a building, even under and inside objects.
The size of the fixture, angle of reflection, reflector finishes and fixture placement all effect light levels. BEST LIGHTS has perfected all these aspects of indirect lighting.
Benefits of BEST Lights Indirect Lighting:
• Light levels are even and consistent throughout the facility.
• No glare or shadows, even in pool areas.
• Eliminates eye strain and headaches caused by direct lighting.
• Creates an awesome work and play environment.
The long term benefits of indirect lighting far outweigh the short term additional cost. What would an employee environment with better moral and up to a 15% increase in production look like on the bottom line? Or take a sport facility where people say “This is a great place to watch and play” That’s what happens when you permeate a facility with Indirect BEST Lights.

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