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About BEST Lights, Inc.

BEST Lights was founded in 1994 to commercialize an exceptionally energy-efficient and durable indirect lighting fixture that is Patented. In 2004 we received six new patents which are the foundation to achieving maximum light output. After more than a decade in business and with thousands of fixtures installed throughout the world we have never had to replace a fixture due to defect or faulty wiring. The first fixtures sold in 1994 are still performing to our original specifications.

Ordinary indirect light fixtures make inefficient use of the light produced by the lamp resulting in a waste of energy. The unique geometry of BEST Lights fixtures collects all the light produced by the lamp and reflects it for maximum efficiency. BEST Lights fixtures are the most efficient available anywhere in the world. They produce as much as 45% more usable light than any other fixture.

BEST Lights fixtures create visually spectacular yet comfortable environments in commercial, industrial, office, retail and recreational applications. They are manufactured entirely in the U.S. at Best Lights headquarters in Troy, Michigan and backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

BEST Lights fixtures are available through a network of authorized representatives. In addition to locations throughout the United States, BEST Lights fixtures are in use in Russia, China and throughout the world.

We are committed to excellence in everything we do and stand ready to help you achieve your goals.

Gary D. Yurich



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