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Commercial Applications

Illuminating a commercial, industrial, warehouse, office or retail facility is the most important finish in the building. It can make the area more productive, visually pleasing, product friendly and safer. We manufacture a wide variety of energy saving light fixtures for all types of applications.
-Commercial Lights
-Warehouse lighting
-Industrial lighting
-Manufacturing facility lighting
-Office lighting
-Retail lighting
-Indoor sports lighting
Our direct fluorescent lights and indirect Ceramic Metal Halide lights can easily be applied to many commercial buildings with ceilings that are 14 feet tall or taller.
Our lighting offers many benefits for commercial designs:
1. Use fewer fixtures to give off more light than regular lights.
2. Cost efficient lights are easy to install and maintain.
3. They are perfect for applications in which shadows are undesirable
4. Lighting the building indirectly makes it feel open & larger.
5. Perfect for applications in which glare is undesirable
6. They evenly light the area from floor to ceiling.
7. Employees production increases 15%. An effect of indirect lighting.
Contact us for assistance in designing the most energy efficient solution and check out our Insulated Ceiling Systems in the YouTube video below.

Insulated Ceiling Systems