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  1. Value

    Web Site home page T9 630 watt MH-XL-ISP Tennis

    T9 Direct and Indirect Lighting

    At BEST Lights our fixtures save 40% in energy consumption with our Super Reflector Technology, Lamps & Ballasts.

    Our fixtures qualify for Utility Rebates, Federal Energy Tax Credits and Financing is Available!

  2. Performance



    Our Mission at BEST Lights is to produce more light using our patented and patent pending reflector designs and housings.

    Using less wattage and fewer fixtures than other manufacturers are two reasons why BEST Lights cost less to operate and save energy.

  3. Durability


    Worry Free Durability

    When considering our own children our objective is to protect them the best we can.
    Our concern for safety includes you and your children and is built into every fixture.

  4. Service & Warranty


    Standing On & Behind Our Products

    We use the highest quality materials, lamps & ballasts to manufacture our products.
    Our warranties and service are the BEST in the industry.


Patented Reflector Technology

Click on Energy Saving Case Studies and PDF’s below

♦   Indoor Sports Lighting 37% to 70% Energy Savings        T9 CDM MasterColor Elite

♦   Indoor Tennis 37% to 53%  Energy Savings with             Silent Electronic Ballast & Dimming

♦   T9 Retrofit Kits for Indoor Tennis Lights

♦   Michigan State University Energy Savings…….

♦   Air Structure Lighting 37% to 55% Energy Savings

♦   Industrial Lighting 37% to 70% Energy Savings 

♦   Welding Plant 70% Energy Savings with T9′s

♦   Lighting Report – Industrial Maintenance & Plant

♦   Patented Net Cage TM ……. Protects Light Fixtures

Energy Saving Fixtures

♦   T9 Retrofit Kits for our existing Energy Saving Fixtures.

♦   Midland Indoor Tennis Saves over $ 550,000 in electricity!

♦   85% Reflective Fiberglass Insulation Systems Ceilings & Walls

We manufacture the most energy efficient light fixtures in the world. Our patented fixture designs achieve higher light levels with fewer fixtures saving our clients millions of dollars in energy costs. Built into every fixture is durability for long life.

For more information or assistance in lighting design, call us at (800) 545-2928(800) 545-2928 or (248) 588-4980(248) 588-4980

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  • 43% Energy Savings with T9 Indoor Tennis Lights at Detroit Tennis and Squash

  • 37% Energy Savings at Michigan State Jenison Fieldhouse with 20% More Light

  • Indirect Lights produce 90 Foot-candles everywhere on the field at Spire Institute

  • The Toughest Fluorscent Fixtures in the world produce more light.

  • Best Lights are the most durable in the industry, and made in America

Insulated Ceiling Systems